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the dates for next seminars are strongly conditioned by the current situation (COVID-19). For any inquiries, drop me a line!

(Infinite thanks to all doctors, nurses, and other health-care personnel for protecting us, even if that means putting themselves in harm’s way.)

– Leo Lospennato


Are you ready to create, design, and build the electric guitar of your dreams?


Learn about the ancient art of guitar making, designing and building the instrument you always dreamt of.

I have put together a hands-on, intensive course on guitar making, in order to make that dream into a reality.

This is how it works:

Phase 1 – DESIGN

You start as soon as you want, drawing sketches of the instrument you would love to build.

Then, with my help, you will refine your concept: You will develop an electric guitar (or bass) working on the shape, the ergonomics, the materials, the aesthetics, the style, and the playability.

This usually takes 5 or 6 remote, one-on-one, 45-minutes sessions, which we will held via Skype, so it doesn’t matter where you live (we will speak in English, Spanish, or Italian).

You will base your design in a standard template, and put your creativity at play in order to come up with a beatiful design.

This process results in the complete blueprint and specifications of your own electric guitar. We will define each detail, even your logo!

All sessions are with me (Leo Lospennato – check my main website:, and can be held in English, Spanish, Italian, and (if you are a bit  patient with me) in German.


No previous lutherie or woodworking experience is needed. Ideally, you must read my two books on the subject (you get a free copy when you sign up for the course).

However, there is one crucial requirement: that you strictly follow my indications in regard to safety. The process has been designed to be safe (we will use mostly hand tools, no chemicals, etc.) but nonetheless you will be required to sign a contract with a waving clause. We want you to travel back home with a beautiful guitar and all your fingers and eyes attached to where they belong, okay?


We will work on the week of the seminar from Monday to Friday— each day from 1pm to 7pm. This leaves you the mornings free, so you can have a relaxed breakfast and visit the city attractions (museums, historical places, etc.). After a full afternoon working on your guitar, you are ready for a shower, dinner, and the night-life of the city (although you will have to organize that part by yourself).

However, on Sunday evening before the seminar starts, you are invited to a homemade pizza night at my home, complemented with my wife’s world famous Tiramisu dessert 🙂  We will meet and greet, talk guitars, show you a few of my instruments, and share a beer (or three).