New date announced!

Guitar making seminar in Berlin, from Wednesday 7th to Sunday, 11th of September, 2022

As always, we will meet remotely to design the guitar of your dreams during July and August. Then, you will come to my lutherie workshop here in Berlin to build your actual instrument in 5 days, and will head back home on Sunday with your own, new guitar in a case 🙂

Good news: for the first three applicants, and due to the general situation, I am reducing the fee (from 2350 EUR down to 1990 EUR – Please consider that 19% VAT applies if you live in the EU), payable in two installments.

There are only very limited places, so please answer me asap if you want to reserve yours!

Again, the workshop’s date is from Wednesday the 7th to Sunday 11th September. If you need to consider alternative dates, let me know and we will work it out. Just send me an email to


Description of the workshop


Are you ready to create, design, and build the electric guitar of your dreams?


Learn about the ancient art of guitar making, designing and building the instrument you always dreamt of.

I have put together a hands-on, intensive course on guitar making, in order to make that dream into a reality.

This is how it works:

Your own design

In this course you will build an electric  guitar or bass of your own design. 

First, you will draw a sketch, using pencil and paper, or a graphics software, or even a napkin. This is art, so anything goes.

Then, with my help, you will refine your concept: You will work on the shape, the ergonomics, the materials, the aesthetics, the style, and the playability.

This usually takes 6 remote, one-on-one, 45-minutes sessions, which we will held via Skype, so it doesn’t matter where you live. If less or more sessions are necessary, that’s okay; some folks have already a clear idea, some others need more time. We will speak in English, Spanish, or Italian.

This process results in the complete blueprint and specifications of your own electric guitar. We will define each detail, even your logo!

All sessions are with me (Leo Lospennato – check my main website:, and can be held in English, Spanish, Italian, and (if you are a bit  patient with me) in German.

Building your guitar

We will work in my workshop, which is located near the Spandau Citadel, in Berlin. It is a ample place with all the machines, tools, and materials that you will need. (Also, it has air conditioning).

You will complete your guitar in five days of work, which prevents us from using some specific techniques that require years of practice to master. 

That means that your guitar will be:

  • A straighforward, solid-body, flat-top guitar. No semiacoustics, no carved tops (those take weeks to build).
  • A guitar with a bolt-on neck. So, no neck-through guitars, which require more complex techniques, and consequently, experience.
  • A guitar without painstaking decorative work, like binding, purfling, marquetry, and other techniques more adapted to acoustic guitars.

Each workshop has no more than three participants, so I can give you and your project all the attention you will need.


No previous lutherie or woodworking experience is rerquired. This is where you learn to use the trade’s tools and techniques.

Ideally, you should take a look at my two books on guitarmaking, of which you get a free copy when you sign up for the course. But you don’t have to.

However, there is one crucial requirement: Even if the process has been designed to be safe, by signing up to the workshop, you agree to: 1) strictly follow my indications in regard to safety, 2) waive my responsibility in case you fail to do so. We want you to travel back home with a beautiful guitar and all your fingers and eyes attached to where they belong, okay?

COVID Situation: I following the official regulations in Germany, which means:
1) We will keep social distancing, mask use when necessary, hand washing, etc.
2) Since my workshop is located in an official school, I must require proof of vaccination via CovPass. No exceptions, no negotiations.

This matter got pretty political, lately, with people claiming to exercise their right not to get vaccinated, or to refuse tests and masks. If you are one of them, that’s fine, but I also exercise my own right to decline your application to the workshop. Again, no exceptions, no negotiations.


We will work five days, consecutive or otherwise (depending on the dates of the seminar) but each day from 1pm to 7pm. This leaves you the mornings free, so you can have a relaxed breakfast and visit the city attractions (museums, historical places, etc.), and go for a fine dinner afterwards–if you got any energy left! 🙂

Next step:

Send me a short email to with your questions, or tell me what kind of guitar you have in mind. Details don’t matter much at this point; you will define that in time.

Now is time for inspiration!