The cost of the course is EUR 2,350 (including VAT for EU residents; participants from non-EU countries are exempt of this tax).

The fee includes:

  • All the materials. We will use only top quality, certified tonewood blanks in this project (for both the neck and the body). We use either red alder (for guitars that will be finished with solid colors later on), or a beautifully figured mahogany (for guitars that will be clear lacquered or oil finished later on).
  • All the tools. After the course you will take home the basic kit of tools you used, so you can start your own workshop: dragon files, soldering machine, etc.
  • All the hardware. We will use high quality Schaller parts, made in Germany. (Note: If you want to use some specially expensive parts, like headless hardware, for example, you will have to pay the difference, though).
  • All other parts. Pickguards, truss-rod covers, control cavity covers, pickup frames, plates, knobs, etc.
  • The electronics. Pots, caps, switches, wire, jack, solder…. Everything is taken care of.
  • A customized apron, the luthier’s uniform of choice.
  • Refreshments: There will be fresh coffee, tea, sodas, and something tasty to nibble in every session.
  • A free ticket for the Holy Grail Guitar Show on the weekend of May 2-3, which is immediately after the workshop ends. (Note: my seminar has no affiliation with the EGB or the HGGS).

Not included in the cost: The pickups. Since this is a very personal choice that regards the sound and character of your instrument, you will buy (at your cost) and bring the pickups yourself. You will receive my guidance on this too, of course.


The payment is done in two parts. You pay 50% before the design phase, and 50% before the construction phase.

Important – By paying the fee, you abide by these conditions:

  • Payments are made strictly in advance (EUR 1,175.- before the beginning of each phase, plus VAT that may apply).
  • The first part of the course (the design) is non-refundable.
  • The second part of the course, however (the construction of your guitar) is refundable if, by cause of force-majeure (health problems, unforeseen travel restrictions, etc.), you can’t take part in the seminar.

Payment methods: Bank transfer or PayPal. (Please note that I do not accept cash, money transfers, checks, or credit cards—except via PayPal).

What do you get from this course?

You go back home with this:

  • A unique guitar or bass, made by yourself—your first instrument to show to the world.
  • The knowledge you need to build your next instruments, acquired under the guidance of a professional luthier, author, and guitar designer.
  • The basic tools you need to start your next project.
  • The fun of an unforgettable experience in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

… All at the price of a good quality —but still conventional— guitar (i.e. your typical Fender or Gibson), bought over-the-counter at some music shop (yawn!).

(This is an example of a guitar designed and built by one of my students).

Things you must organize yourself:

  • Transport. You must arrange your ways to, from, and in Berlin. (I can help you choose the best ticket for you, like a weekly pass, etc.)
  • Lodging. You must book and pay for your lodging according to your preferences: hotel, hostel, Airbnb, a friend’s sofa, etc.  (I can help recommending a couple of places, or giving you feedback on your shortlist of options, if needed.)
  • Meals. However, the refreshments during the seminar’s hours and the dinner at my place are on me, of course.
  • Touristic attractions. I will do my best to satisfy every guitar-related question you might have, but I must defer the matter of touristic guidance to the specialists 🙂


 The next steps:

1) Contact me at, and let me know that you are interested in participating (no obligations at this point). You are automatically put on a waiting list until the first payment is made; only then you are confirmed as a participant. Please remember that I can only accommodate a limited number of participants, in order to closely follow everyone’s work.

2) We will plan a weekly design session via Skype. Usually 5 or 6 are enough, but we can meet as many times as necessary for you to complete your design (this is a key part of being able to build a guitar in one week).

3) Make the necessary reservations to come to Berlin. I suggest using or, where you can reserve many hotels and apartments  using a free-cancellation policy. (Tip: Take into account how easy would be to get from your hotel or apartment to S+U Rathaus Spandau station.)

Again, I wait for your message, questions, etc. at

See you soon in Berlin!